Kiwi wine

In the hinterlands of Northeast India a winery is located inside Hong village (Ziro) of Lower Subansiri district. Hong is the second largest village in Asia and is inhabited by Apatani people which is one of the major tribes of Arunachal Pradesh.

The winery brews NAARA AABA the first ever pure Kiwi Wine in India. The wine is an indigenous innovation of a man who could foresee a beautiful end of his imagination in a divine fruit called KIWI. For the hardworking and fun loving people of Ziro valley, its a gentle wake up call to learn new and modern ways to utilize their vast lands.


Kiwi Wine

The innocent villagers are amazed by the winery and are ready to learn the art and assimilate.

The green and virgin mountain slopes adjoining the winery is a paradise perfect for growing kiwi fruit to its fullest extent. The abundant sunshine in the region (Ziro) contributes to optimum growth and taste of the fruit. It is not just this organic harvest alone but the best fruit suitable for wine making is selected and pressed into shiny fermenting steel tanks of Lambu Subu Food and Beverages.

NAARA AABA is an attempt to preserve the fruit in its best form and taste. It comes with an environmentally conscious practice and trend, its endeavour is to lead our energetic villagers towards self employment, dignity of labour and a progressive farming life....

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Organic Kiwi Wine